Some molded bras have padding or push up, but not all. It’s a common mistake that women make when they think a molded bra will add volume to her cup size. In fact, a molded bra will just form her bust to its shape. A molded bra with padding or push up, however will add volume and size.

A padded bra, or sometimes called a contour bra, is not exactly the same as a push up. Padding refers to the thickness of the cup. Some padded bras are thicker than others. The entire molded cup will be thicker, creating a fuller looking cup when worn. Padding is a great option for women who want a bigger looking bust, want to create a sleek bust appearance, or want to even out their breasts. Breasts are commonly slightly uneven, and a padded bra that fits to the fuller bust, will create an even shape underneath clothing. The form of the cup will remain looking full on both sides.

A push up bra adds volume to your bust by using a foam (or other material) bump in the bra. Depending on where the bump is placed, this material will “push up” your breast tissue to create more fullness on top, or bigger volume. The push up portion of this kind of bra is typically built right in to the inside of the bra cup. The On Gossamer “Bump it Up” style is an example of a push up bra.

Some styles, however, offer a removable push up. These inserts, sometimes called “cookies”, can be made of fabric, foam, or air or water filled plastic. Typically, they will sit in a mesh or fabric pocket inside the bra cup and can be taken out or put in with ease. The molded cup, which is usually thicker, will hide any insert from showing through the bra and looking awkward under clothing. This is a great option for a woman with uneven breasts as well. While a padded bra can cover over uneven busts to give the illusion of symmetry, a bra with removable push up pads can create even cleavage. Simply by removing the pads from one side and leaving them in the other, you can adjust the necessary amount of push up and even out your silhouette

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